United States Army Signal Corps


We were in two minds when we considered this particular bag as a contender for the JohnLowin Revival collection.


It was hard to visualize just what the end result would look like. When we found the bag it was in a distressed condition and in its original format. This bag was actually a United States Army Signal Corps case containing a large battery and bakerlite telephone handset. Probably dating from the 1940's it would have been used in the field for communicating with either a base unit or other members of the unit. To create a practical bag the battery and telephone handset have all been removed but we have managed to retain the original mechanism, although no longer functional, which would have been turned to create the connection. We have replaced the securing strap and added a brass Sam Brown fitting. Unfortunately the original "lift the dot" fixing was beyond repair and a sympathetic replacement was not available so we decided to leave the fittings as part of its history. We also replaced the shoulder strap with a piece of vintage bridle leather and a brass snap fitting. The leather is clearly embossed confirming its unique origins. After being in some doubt about this bag we are now really pleased and proud with the end results. The leather has a beautiful patina, it has a great history and like all John Lowin Revival bags will be as individual as its new owner.



AJ Lowin