This really amazing and rare survivor was once one side of a leather horse saddlebag.


This saddlebag was made in Paris probably around the 1930's, unfortunately, not Hermes, but none the less a very accomplished saddler. Sadly over the passage of time the leather piece joining the two saddlebags had broken down and couldn't be saved so I decided to convert the bags into two separate unique crossover bags. The saddlebag itself was in rather a distressed state, but was great fun reviving. The interior of the top of the bag has a webbing of leather straps which would have probably been used to secure a silver sandwich tin to enable the rider to stop for a snack. As always with a John Lowin Revival we have tried to retain as much of the original bag as possible. Our aim with this bag was to really bring alive and feed the wonderful patina of the leather and allow its unique shape and eighty odd year history to shine through. We have added a simple shoulder strap made from some well seasoned bridle leather which allows the bag to be used in today's modern world whilst displaying its history for all to see. The other saddlebag which is slightly different is currently in the workshop- so watch this space.


AJ Lowin