Money Bag


iconic design leather money bag.


No collection of historic leather bags should be without an example of this iconic design leather money bag. It served as a multi purpose design for any mobile worker who had to collect and give out money to customers. From milkman to the coal man to bus conductors. In use from the thirties until the seventies this bag design would have been a familiar site on our streets and transport systems. This particular JohnLowin Revival bag, with its typical twist lock closing mechanism is clearly marked as being used by conductors to collect fares on the Red and White Services bus company. Operating in South Wales and the Gloucester region it was established in the 1930's and ran to the 1950's before becoming the United Transport Commission. Their coaches were very distinctive in their bright colored livery. It is hard to date precisely but we would guess this bag dates from the fifties and is a true utilitarian piece made from thick leather and hand stitched. It is embossed with the Red and White Services wording on the front and despite its hard working life is still in full working order with an interior single leather divider creating two compartments. Other than a thorough clean, nourish and polish this bag is in its original condition. It's difficult to imagine just how much coinage has gone in and out of this bag or how many bus trips it has been on but we hope this will be just the start of another incredible journey.



AJ Lowin