Heavy Leather Holdall


a vintage, no nonsense, heavy leather holdall


This addition to the JohnLowin Revival range of bags is very much in the genre of "what you see is what you get " a vintage, no nonsense, heavy leather holdall. Probably dating from the 1950's and could have been used for any manner of everyday tasks but most likely as a workman's tool bag. When we first took possession of this holdall it was obvious that somebody had already carried out some much later rudimentary repairs to the inside of the bag. The repairs were in order to stiffen up the sides and used leather covered board secured with copper rivets. We were in two minds on whether or not to strip out these later additions and replace them. However, in the end we decided to leave them, as to be fair,  they did the job and in some way contributed to its history. The bag has no inner compartments and so is most suited to its original use which was for carrying larger items, tools, books etc. However, we did decide to add a heavy a leather shoulder strap to make it more comfortable to carry and to avoid putting further strain on the carrying handles. All the fittings are nickel silver in keeping with its working class origins. We hope it continues its working life for many more years to come.


AJ Lowin