This stunning British Railways engineers work bag probably dates from around the 1970's and is constructed from a hard wearing heavy hide leather.


It retains its original solid wooden base and leather carry handles. Internally, this is a spacious bag with an internal pocket to retain smaller items. The two securing straps have been replaced using quality bridle leather. This is a strong heavy work bag so has benefited from the addition of a quality leather shoulder strap making it a much more practical bag to carry and easing any strain on the original handles. The shoulder strap, on this occasion has been made from an ex-vintage MOD, quality leather strap with original authentic brass buckle. Any faulty stitching has been re-instated. The leather has a beautiful lustre and retains a luxury patina that only history and a working life can create. The leather has a number of markings and staining in keeping with an engineering bag of this vintage. Internally the bag has the hand written inscription "British Rail Waterloo ODM (inst) Ext 2929/2917 clearly showing its heritage.

This bag is not just a piece of English history but a beautiful and practical workbag anyone would be proud to carry on their shoulder for the next stage of its journey.


AJ Lowin