British Rail Train Drivers Bag


designed internally to hold both a flask and a sandwich box


Even we were fascinated by the story we were told when we bought this bag from an ex British Rail worker. This bag was apparently standard issue to British Rail workers in the seventies. The Unions had previously, successfully negotiated official tea breaks for train drivers, however, at the time there was no station facilities for serving tea so each British Rail train drivers bag issued was designed internally to hold both a flask and a sandwich box. There is also a compartment for the drivers work schedule and a metal bracket on the outside to secure his railway man's lamp. (These lamps are still available on the Internet). I can't vouch for the background to this story but the design of this bag would certainly seem to support it. Other than a thorough clean, nourish and polish of the leather this practical JohnLowin Revival bag is in its original condition and tells its own history. Why not, fill a flask, make some sandwiches and take off on your own journey with this wonderful bag on your shoulder.


AJ Lowin