John Lowin Bags

The Tortoise Shell marque encapsulates our ethos. We will deliver quality wares, no matter the time it takes. 

like the shell of the tortoise our products are unequivocally individual and built to last.  


WE ARE committed to reinvigorating
traditional artisanal skills In the crafting of our unique pieces. quality & longevity take precedent over cheap & speedy mass production – No corners cut, No humans harmed.


For the manufacture of our products we have invested in a small UK based artisan workforce, in order to support their skills and give longevity to their expertise. With each piece created by a skilled craftsperson, no John Lowin bag is exactly the same.  

We are committed to paying our workers a fair wage, giving them the time required to bring our high-quality wares to life. We also ensure that workers have an appropriate environment in which to practice safely and develop their trade. It is our hope that this approach will foster a sustainable micro-industry, enticing new blood into an ailing trade that must be kept alive. 

Because of our approach, John Lowin bags will never be the cheapest in the marketplace. Neither will they be churned out in distant sweatshops. Adherence to this ethos results in products we are truly proud of. 


The Sixpence

A sixpence in a leather purse is the mark of a genuine original John Lowin bag. In UK circulation from 1551 until 1980, it has been seen as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune since the time of Elizabeth 1st.  

As well as featuring in Victorian wedding rhyme, a sixpence was often sewn into the badges of World War Two pilots in the hope it would offer them protection. We hope your sixpence brings you good fortune.

Something old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, 
& a sixpence in her shoe