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Having sold over 100 million records its no wonder that the "The Who" were such an influential band throughout the 60's and 70's. Although they formed in 1964, for me, it was probably during the early seventies that I really fell in love with "The Who" and their music. Although, in terms of music genre , they would definitely be considered as a rock band I was exposed to The Who's music because of their association with mods and the mod movement. As a mod, music played a huge part in our lives and The Who certainly delivered with one fantastic track after another. Combine this fabulous music with their outrageous stage performances and love of smashing up their equipment they soon became mod heroes of rebellion against the establishment. In particular, Keith Moon was grabbing headlines with his special behaviour and a penchant for blowing up hotel toilets ! It was a sad loss when he died in 78 after such an extreme life.

One of my fondest Who memories was their sound track to the film Quadrophenia - a true classic for all mods. If I ever wanted to completely switch off in the seventies my go to track was Pinball Wizard, vinyl obviously, played loud, wearing quality headphones. 
There are so many great tracks, mostly written by Pete Townsend, and so many great Who albums produced it was difficult to choose a favourite. After much deliberation I have chosen "Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy" containing amazing tracks which hold such fond memories, Pinball Wizard, Boris the Spider, My Generation etc etc etc plus a classic album sleeve cover doesn't get any better. I dedicate this album blog to my Lambretta 150cc and Keith Moon, both sadly now deceased.

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