Mighty Sparrow - Ten to One is murder 1994

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I love the simplicity of Calypso lyrics and the whole upbeat vibe of the music. Singing about local life and personal issues and often in a humorous way always manages to cheer me up. One of my all time great Calypsonian musicians was born in Grenada in 1935 with the name Slinger Francisco but became better known by his Calypso artist name of Mighty Sparrow, what a great name and what a great musician. He was a real pioneer of Calypso music and in the early days was the first Calypsonian to set up his own record label and produced his own solo album "Calypso Carnival" in 1958. Mighty Sparrow has written and performed many great songs and produced some fine albums over the years.

 If I ever feel down I always reach out for Mighty Sparrow, if you like the Caribbean vibe, or like to listen to some quirky lyrics why not give him a try. For me, just looking at this particular vinyl sleeve of "Ten to One is murder" makes me want to reach for the MountGay bottle, crank up the volume, and start swaying those hips. Whilst "Congo Man" another great album by the Mighty Sparrow has some fantastic artwork on the sleeve. Sometimes when I look at it I think of deepest, darkest Africa, lion hunters and lost tribes. Other times when I slide "Congo Man" from its sleeve I feel as if a strange Voodoo witch doctor is staring back at me. Great album great sleeve illustration.

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