larry levan album cover

Larry Levan by Victoria Topping

To commemorate the life of this amazing innovative musician and DJ we have collaborated with the incredible artist "Victoria Topping" who has created a fantastic artist impression poster of Larry Levan which we are now proud to offer for sale. 

Larry Levan was a flamboyant and famous American DJ who sadly died at the age of 38 ( 1954 - 1992 ) He developed his DJ skills at the renowned New York City nightclub Paradise Garage. Levan DJ'd there for ten years and is credited with introducing dub into dance music and experimented with drum machines and synthesizers into his live sets. This experimental sound contributed to the ascendance of House music. A popular figure amongst the gay and drag queen communities Levan's flamboyancy and DJ skills created an almost cult following amongst the 1980's club goers. 
After a difficult start in life, where he suffered both childhood illness and bullying at school, Levan left high school early to become a dressmaker in Harlem where he became lifelong friends with future DJ and record producer Frankie Knuckles.


Levan continued to develop his legendary DJ skills and at the height of the disco boom in 1977 was offered his now famous residency at the Paradise Garage, where he was "worshipped with almost a God like status".
In the 80's he also became a prolific producer and mixer memorably remixing classics like "Ain't no mountain high enough" and "Don't make me wait" 
Sadly, as the popularity of Garage soared in the mid eighties many of Levan's longtime friends lost their battle against aids and Levan was struggling with his dependency on Heroin.
In the 1990's his popularity had soared amongst connoisseurs of disco and early American electronic dance in Europe and Japan. Levan was invited to DJ at the world renowned London Ministry of Sound and was such a surprise success he ended up staying three months.
Unfortunately, Levan's health deteriorated and in June 1992 he informed his mother "he had lived a good life and was ready to die"
After a voluntary stay in hospital in New York he was released into the care of his mother but on the 8th November 1982 sadly died of heart failure at the young age of 38.

Each quality poster has been specifically sized to exactly fit the 12"x12" pocket of one of our tote or rucksack bags, or, of course, could be framed or hung on the wall.